MUSIC VIDEO FOR Virtual Choir 4 video - Fly to Paradise.INCLUDING individual clips from the 8.400 singerS. 
THE  final video WAS SHOWN at Buckingham Palace at the Coronation Festival 2013 in front of Queen Elizabeth II and Royal Guests.
Client: Music Productions
Project Manager: Claire Long
Produced and Directed by Cake
Producer: Paul Coward
Concept: Thiago Maia
Art director: David Pocull
Design: Thiago Maia, David Pocull & Anton Bohlin
Character Design: Rodolfo Guarnieri
3D City Modelling: Anton Bohlin
3D Character Modelling: Simon Graham
3D Animation: Thiago Maia, Anton Bohlin & Simon Graham
3D Character Animation: Simon Graham
Composite: Thiago Maia & Anton Bohlin
Singer Video Management: Marcela Tossi, Tom Lovell & Juliana Gaspari
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