I teamed up with a lot of talented people at ETC as design lead to create this ad for Virgin Media- 'Hyped'
Great lip sync animation by the CG team to the legendary MC neat.

We went through many styles and forms of the lips before they took their final shape.
Early Pixel Back ground developement

Directed by rollojackson at somesuchandco
EP: Scott O’donnell
Producer: tarquinglass
DOP: Bobby Shore
Agency: vccp__
ECDs: Jonathan Parker, Chris Birch
Creative Director: David Masterman
Creatives: Ben Evans, Adam Sears, Sophie Knox, Miles Carter
Producers: Ed Thorn, Rosie Good
Creative Producers: Giselle Sambrook-Smith, Yasmin Akhavan
VFX: #etcvfx
Producer: amiekingsnorth
Production Coordinator: rosiecorbett
Leads: stirls_world, gregorymckneally
Design: electricstudios.tv
Head of Creative: martianwarmachine
EP: ben_honour
Design Lead: Simon Graham
Designers: aliceandtheink, Ollie Dook, Ivan Brou, hologlam, Simon Kristall, Fred Griffiths
Edit: jamesforbesrobertson trimediting
Sound: duffysound
Music: mcneatofficial
Grade: The hux etc.colour

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