I was very fortunate to get a great start to my freelance career with this lovely job at the incredibly talented Ink & Giants.
It was my first proper job with Octane and it was an exciting experience for me to work on a job with nanobots, hover boards, robotics and spaceships. 
Subject matter aside, being an installation it also provided a creative challenge in making best use of the environment in which it was projected. Essentially being two videos, one 3d and the other 2d U.I overlays used to communicate the message and enhance the visuals. 
The two films were then projected onto the front and rear facets of the cube to create a 3d hologram feeling environment bringing nice depth and parallax to the work in the engaging aesthetics of the piece.
it is shown as a permanent Exhibition at the Oasis Technology Centre situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Here are some photos of the Projections on the cube in situ
Client: Oasis Technology Centre
Agency: Sarner International
Production Company: One Small Pixel
Design, Animation & Direction: Ink and Giants Studio
Creative Director: Dianne Dela Torre
Producers: Joe Binks (One Small Pixel) & Dianne Dela Torre (Ink and Giants)
Script Writer: Nick Clements
Storyboard Artist: Peter Dobes
Lead 3D Designer & Animator: Simon Graham
2D Designer & Animator: Dianne Dela Torre & Simon Graham
Compositor: Simon Graham
Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio
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